Scores from Saturday, April 25

Ingomar 21, Broad Street 0
Houlka 18, Falkner 6
West Union 17, Ray Brooks 0
Greenville St. Joe 7, Hickory Flat 6
Alcorn Central 6, Nettleton 4
Houston 12, Amory 6
Itawamba AHS 10, Caledonia 0
West Lauderdale 7, Corinth 0
Yazoo County 2-3, Ripley 1-17
Ridgeland 6, Saltillo 2
Center Hill 14, Vicksburg 2
Grenada 15, Starkville 6
Clinton 8, Horn Lake 7
Madison Central 3, Hernando 2
Warren Central 8, Olive Branch 7

Kossuth 2, North Pontotoc 1

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Scores from Friday, April 24

Houlka 11, Falkner 4
West Union 11, Ray Brooks 0
Smithville 22, Jumpertown 0
Greenville St. Joe 9, Hickory Flat 2
Hamilton 10, Pine Grove 6
TCPS 4, Thrasher 0
Calhoun City 12, Potts Camp 0
Mantachie 17-12, Leland 6-8
Belmont 16, South Pontotoc 0
Kossuth 8, Winona 1
Mooreville 3, Louisville 1
Itawamba AHS 12, Caledonia 0
Ripley 12, Yazoo County 2
Amory 8, Houston 7
New Albany 9, Gentry 0
Cleveland 8, Senatobia 1
Kosciusko 10, Pontotoc 9
Saltillo 2, Ridgeland 1
New Hope 7, Neshoba Central 1
Lake Cormorant 9, Callaway 1
Vicksburg 10, Center Hill 9
Grenada 3, Starkville 2

Myrtle 18, Greenville St. Joseph 0
Hamilton 10, Wheeler 0
Pine Grove 6, Vardaman 2
New Site 14, Bruce 0
Eupora 6, East Union 1
South Pontotoc 4, Booneville 2
Caledonia 10, Amory 3
Corinth 13, Houston 0
Yazoo County 11, New Albany 10
Germantown 8, West Point 2
Saltillo 14, Ridgeland 4
NW Rankin 9-5, Tupelo 3-4

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Playoff dollars speak louder than sense


Three ladies rolled into BNA Balk Park Thursday in a Tahoe and put their $21 in the offering plate. They watched their Gentry Rams get annihilated 16-0 by New Albany, then made the three-hour trek back to Indianola.

The host school, in this case New Albany maybe saved by having a good crowd, then has to pay the MHSAA.

It’s not hard to imagine costing schools money instead of making schools money. Pay the umps, pay the czars, pay the visitors, have hamburgers left over, lose dough.

The MHSAA gets theirs, regardless. I have no idea how it works in Gentry. The coach told me they don’t charge to get in. (Don’t tell the association.) Maybe burgers are like $9 or something.

Two things tell me too many teams are getting in the playoffs. See above, for one. The other, it’s blowout central. Of the teams who called our paper last night, there were five 10-0s, an 8-0, an 18-0, an 11-1, a 16-3, an 18-2, a 17-1, a 16-1 and a 16-0.

One team calling in was so embarrassed of the way they thrashed a double-header visitor, the caller only wanted the scores listed, not the lines.

Four teams is too many. The beatdowns prove it. I’m frankly for two, maybe only division winners getting into the playoffs, but I understand even three. There are good teams in the better divisions that finish third that deserve the postseason. Ripley is one this year. Kossuth won a title as a three-seed last season, coming from a competitive division.

Buuuut, there are also bad teams in bad divisions getting in as fours and let’s be honest, how many four seeds have earned a playoff berth?

We’re taking three softball playoff teams per division and 3-1A has two teams in the division? Huh, what? If there are divisions with two teams, then two is the max to take into the playoffs from any division.

The MHSAA says coaches want four baseball teams in. I don’t get it. While New Albany feasts on Gentry, Houston and Amory are battling. Not fair to Houston and Amory using up playoff pitching. Not fair to New Albany arms rusting over and taking a chance on someone getting hurt in pointless innings.

The MHSAA should stand up and say, ‘Hey, we’re taking two softball teams and two, maybe three, baseball teams per division for the playoffs.

But dollars speak louder than sense.

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Watch: NA pitcher Mason talks Game 1 win


NEW ALBANY – Senior Jack Mason threw 4 1/3 innings of no-hit ball as New Albany beat Gentry Thursday in Game 1 of the Class 4A playoff opening series.

Here is a link to the story in today’s #DJournal and some video with Mason.

YouTube Preview Image
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Scores from Thursday, April 24

(Best-of-3; series conclude today and Saturday)
Class 1A
Falkner 10, Houlka 0
Smithville 14, Jumpertown 1
Myrtle 11, Shaw 1
Hickory Flat 10, Greenville St. Joe 0
Pine Grove 6, Hamilton 1
Ingomar 18, Broad Street 0
TCPS 10, Thrasher 0
West Union vs. Ray Brooks, ppd.

Class 2A
Hatley 17-16, South Delta 1-1
Calhoun City 16, Potts Camp 3
Eupora 9-12, H.W. Byers 0-0
Strayhorn 7, Bruce 2
East Union 18, West Bolivar 2
East Webster 15-22, Coahoma Co. 0-0
Baldwyn 10, Hollandale Simmons 0
Mantachie vs. Leland

Class 3A
Belmont 7, South Pontotoc 1
Nettleton 4, Alcorn Central 1
Kossuth 5, Winona 4
Water Valley 10, Leflore Co. 0
Mooreville 10, Louisville 0
Charleston vs. O’Bannon
Independence vs. East Side
Humphreys Co. vs. Marks Palmer

Class 4A
Caledonia 2, Itawamba AHS 0
Houston 9, Amory 5
New Albany 16, Gentry 0
Cleveland 6, Senatobia 2
Pontotoc 3, Kosciusko 2
Lafayette 12, Yazoo City 1
West Lauderdale 4, Corinth 0
Ripley vs. Yazoo County. ppd.

Class 5A
Ridgeland 6, Saltillo 4
New Hope 1, Neshoba Central 0
Lake Cormorant 11, Callaway 1
Center Hill 3, Vicksburg 0

Class 6A
Madison Central 5, Hernando 1
Starkville 3, Grenada 0
Olive Branch 6, Greenville 2
Clinton 2, Horn Lake 1

MHSAA state playoffs
(Best-of-3; series conclude today and Saturday)
Class 1A
Hamilton 8,  Wheeler 2
Myrtle 18, Greenville St. Joseph 5
Pine Grove 8, Vardaman 2

Class 2A
New Site 5, Bruce 3
Eupora 12, East Union 4
Potts Camp 14-17, South Delta 2-1
H.W. Byers vs. Leland

Class 3A
Water Valley 15-15, Leflore Co. 0-0
South Pontotoc 2, Booneville 0
Kossuth 3, North Pontotoc 1
Independence vs. East Side

Class 4A
Lafayette 26-22, Gentry 0-0
Amory 15, Caledonia 6
Corinth 7, Houston 6
New Albany 8, Yazoo County 5
Ripley vs. Amanda Elzy, ppd.

Class 5A
Germantown 10, West Point 1
Saltillo 8, Ridgeland 0
Center Hill 3, Vicksburg 0
Lanier vs. Lake Cormorant

Class 6A
Tupelo 6, NW Rankin 5
Hernando 16, Starkville 2
Greenville vs. DeSoto Central
Olive Branch vs. Warren Central

Also Thursday
Hatley 10, Ingomar 3
Ingomar    210    000    0    –    3    6    2
Hatley    313    300    x    –    10    16    3
WP: Ashton Wright. LP: Erin Wall.
Multiple hits: (I) Gara Beth Self; (H) Taylor Richey 4, Ashton Wright 3, Abby Cantrell 3, Mary Reeves, Courtney Stafford. 2B: (H) Stafford. HR: (H) Wright.

Hatley 3, Ingomar 2
Ingomar    100    010    0    –    2    6    2
Hatley    001    200    x    –    3    7    2
WP: Jules Rimmer. LP: Alex Wilhite.
Multiple hits: (I) Erin Wall; Lindsay Hall; (H) Taylor Richey. 2B: (H) Mollie Comer.
Records: Ingomar 14-11, Hatley 19-5.

class i Division i
Mantachie 247, Thrasher 256
Mantachie: McKinley Montgomery 119, Allie Dubose 128;
Thrasher: Haylea Assad 113, Holly Jackson 143.
Nettleton: Riley Mayhew 80.

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Hatley’s Murphy, Baldwyn’s Wesson 1-2A Co-MVPs

Division 1-2A All Division

First Team

Cory Murphy, Hatley, Co-MVP

Ryan Wesson, Baldwyn, Co-MVP

Hatley: Jonathan Waycaster, Louis Lettieri, Clay Pearson, Blake Goodin, Brock Kidd; East Union: Cade Bell, Witt Roaten, Lane Plunk, Thomas Moore; Baldwyn: Conner McKay, Justin Lominick, Jacob Turner; Mantatchie: Clayton Hood, Hayden Farquhar; Walnut: Will Quinn, Shawn Thorton; New Site: Bryson Scott, Ryan Whitley

Second Team

Hatley: Bryce Davidson, Drew Moffett; East Union: Zane Wilkinson, Jacob Raines; Baldwyn: Braxton Neighbors, Mathew Gates; Mantatchie: Alston Dill, Rickey Houston; Walnut: Daulton Brown, Hunter Carpenter; New Site: Avery Barnes, Tanner Mink

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NA’s McDonald 2-4A POY

First Team

Jake McDonald, New Albany, Player of the Year

Cooper Cox, Ripley, Co-Offensive Player of the Year

Jake McPhail, Lafayette, Co-Offensive Player of the Year

Stone Parrish, Senatobia, Co-Offensive Player of the Year

Davis Rakestraw, Senatobia, Defensive Player of the Year

Mack Bishop, Lafayette, Pitcher of the Year

Lafayette: John Murphree, Eli Murphree, Ryan Holland, Hunter Bishop; New Albany: Wesley Dodds, Sam McMillin; Ripley: Tucker Childers; Marquellus Edgeston; Jus Medlin, Ross Shackleford; Senatobia: Tripp Barnett, Jordan Redd: Rosa Fort: Ivory Evans; Byhalia: Derek Kimbrough

Second Team

Lafayette: Austin Arrington, Chase Coker, Luke Gossett; New Albany: Bryce Collins, Kyle Olson, Grant Hogue; Ripley: Ryan Melton; Senatobia: Brayden Cobbs; Rosa Fort: Kevin Perkins; Byhalia: Kyle Edwards

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Oxford No. 1 MaxPreps Medium School


Oxford is MaxPreps No. 1 Medium School in the country, MP released this morning. The Chargers (27-0) have a first-round playoff bye, as does No. 20 Germantown (23-2).

In MP’s Small School rankings, Sumrall (23-4) is No. 2, but there are no indicators they want anymore of Kossuth. Belmont (16-3) is No. 13. The Cardinals face South Pontotoc in a first-round 2A series.


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Scores from Wednesday, April 22

Mooreville 6, Kossuth 2
Pontotoc 7, Corinth 6

Region 2-1A tournament
at Big Oaks GC
TCPS 355, Hamilton 367
TCPS: Parker Brooks 76, Jackson Mills 80, Sam Newell 98, Joseph Berry 101.
Hamilton: Mark Tipton 82, Stone Tipton 84, Ethan Holly 99, Brison Flynt 102.
Vardaman: Brandon Walker (medalist) 75, Cody McMahan 101.

TCPS 250
TCPS: Camille Blaylock 122, Mallie Powell 128, Madeline Bonds 139, Micah Taylor 140.

Region 1-2A
at Natchez Trace GC
Baldwyn 335, Walnut 394, New Site 433, Hatley 435, Mantachie 451
Baldwyn: Garrett Gray (medalist) 74, Cason Collins 79, Ethan Carmichael 87, Lawson Gamble 95.
Walnut: Kye Meeks 79, Noah Watson 100, Travis Theil 102, Johnny Gilmore 113.
New Site: John Michael Jackson 84, J.D. Rogers 101, Ethan Hutchinson 122, Shawn Robinson 126.
Hatley: Kyle Smith 99, Blake Elkin 101, Tyler Peek 112, Drake Porter 123.
Mantachie: Gabe Reeves 103, Clint Kelly 111, Austin Black 113, Kaleb Hatfield 124.
Notes: Baldwyn qualified for state tournament…Walnut’s Meeks and New Site’s Jackson qualified individually.

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Scores from Tuesday, April 21

Hatley 10, TCPS 1
Oxford 16, West Point 0
Ingomar 15, Potts Camp 0
East Webster 13, Bruce 0
Itawamba AHS 13, Ripley 6
Alcorn Central 19, Boonevile 5
Belmont 6, Mooreville 4

Jumpertown 13, Thrasher 0
Pine Grove 10, Wheeler 8
Smithville 10, Ingomar 3
Myrtle 9, East Union 8
East Union 8, Baldwyn 7

Region 1-1A Tournament
at Booneville GC
Ingomar 375, Jumpertown 448, Thrasher 464
Ingomar: Luke Worthy (medalist) 80, Thomas Wall 94, Zack High 100, Caleb Gullick 101, Chance Weathers 116.
Jumpertown: Tyler Moore 103, Drew Carlock 114, Landon Elliott 114, Jake Turner 117.
Thrasher: Brannon Dodds 103, Austin Holder 109, Seamus Brooks 116, Micah Mize 136.
Falkner: Josh Richardson 95, Alex Jones 100, Zack Poe 103.

Region 1-3A Tournament
at Booneville CC
Booneville 297, Kossuth 343,  Belmont 356
Booneville: Tate Dickerson (medalist) 69, Austin Lauderdale 73, Preston Jones 74, Chase Calvery 81, Alex Floyd 96.
Kossuth: Jack Kather 78, Nick Crump 80, Luke Lyles 84, Carson Wilder 101, Weston Bobo 106.
Belmont: Ken Waddell 82, Hunter Lucas 84, Brody Crum 94, Kirk Sparks 96, Hunter Scruggs 112.
Alcorn Central: Dillon Sartain 89.
Notes: Booneville and Kossuth qualified for state tournament.

Region 1-6A Tournament
at North Creek GC, Southaven
Tupelo 286, DeSoto Central 303
Tupelo: Blake Harris 71, Walker Clayton 72, Davis Arthur 75, Miles Roy 77.

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Scores from Saturday, April 18

West Union 14, Biggersville 1
East Webster 1, Houston 0
Houston 9, Calhoun City 2
Thrasher 7-9, Middleton, Tenn. 0-1

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Watch: UNA-signee Katelyn Nunley talks about Belmont career


BELMONT – Katelyn Nunley had quite a career at Belmont. The 5-foot-11 post player has played in three Class 3A state championship games, two wins.

Wednesday, Nunley signed with North Alabama.

“It’s really special. I’m just really blessed to be able to have that opportunity and continue my career. It’s just been great playing here,” Nunley said.

Here is the story from Thursday’s #DJournal and a video chat with Nunley, who I also talked with about playing at high-expectations Belmont.

“It’s really been a blessing,” Nunley said. “I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be than here. I’m really proud of my season and my career here and I’m, honestly blessed to play here under such big expectations.”

YouTube Preview Image
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