Scores from Friday, March 27

H.S. baseball
Amory 10, Tishomingo Co. 0
Belmont 14, Alcorn Central 2
East Union 11, Baldwyn 3
Grenada 10, Tupelo 4
Hatley 11, Mantachie 1
Itawamba AHS 9, Pontotoc 2
Kossuth 10, Booneville 1
Myrtle 5, Hickory Flat 4
Oxford 3, New Hope 1
Ripley 11, Senatobia 1
Thrasher 8, Biggersville 1
West Union 13, Blue Mountain 1

H.S. softball
Biggersville 17, Tremont 2
Corinth 8, Nettleton 7
Jumpertown 7, Wheeler 4
Mooreville 5, Boonevlle 4
New Site 13, Walnut 3
South Pontotoc 18-16, Kemper County 0-0

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Scores from Thursday, March 26

Hatley 12, Houlka 9
Mooreville 5, Calhoun City 2
Houston 4, New  Albany 2

Pontotoc 16, Shannon 1
Pine Grove 18, Tremont 2
Belmont 2, Cherokee, Ala. 3
Jumpertown 18, Thrasher 7
East Union 6, Mantachie 1
South Pontotoc 10, East Webster 5

at Tupelo CC
Tupelo 172, Caledonia 182, New Albany 182, Tupelo Blue 184, Baldwyn 216
Tupelo: Kirk Reeder 42, Blake Harris 43, Walker Clayton 43, Miles Roy 44, Davis Arthur 46
Caledonia: Parker Humber 43, Dylan Darling 46, Dalton Rhodes 46, Eli Hemphill 47, Eli Taylor 48
New Albany: Austin Heard 44, Zach McDonald 45, Brandon Stanford 45, Dean Garrett 48, Jack Cooper 52
Tupelo Blue: Adam Brown 45, Brookes Hudson 46, Taylor Replogle 46, Garner Nance 47
Baldwyn: Garrett Gray (medalist) 40, Cason Collins 44, Ethan Carmichael 60, Weston Phillips 72

Tupelo 99, New Albany 99, Caledonia 109
Tupelo: Michaela Bryan (medalist) 43, Margaret Hill 56, Anna McCoy 57
New Albany: Lucy Martin 48, Lauren Dunlap 51, Abby Spencer 58
Caledonia: Avery Pool 50, Claudia Garcia 59, Jensen Reed 59

at Redmont CC
Belmont 173, Red Bay 178, Mooreville 234
Belmont: Hunter Lucas 38, Ken Waddle 40, Hunter Scruggs 45, Cory Hogan 50
Red Bay: Isaiah Jackson 35, Anna Seahorn 41, Kodey Cleveland 46, Austin Milam 56
Mooreville: Nick Brown 43, Skylar Grissom 60, Andrew Long 64, Ty Nichols 67

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Troopers can’t get Wilcher out


Kossuth junior Ole Miss-commit Jacob Wilcher is tough to keep off base. Just ask Mooreville coach Derek Thompson.

“We have yet to retire him in two years,” Thomspon said. “We can’t get him out.”

In two years, Thompson’s Troopers have seen Wilcher at the plate 16 times. They played two years ago in the second round of the playoffs and twice in division play last season. In those 16 plate appearances, Wilcher’s on-base is 1.000.

The two meet April 7 at Mooreville and April 10 at Kossuth.

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Scores from Tuesday, March 24

Houston 18-18, Noxubee Co. 0-1
New Albany 10-12, Byhalia 0-0
West Union 15, Hickory Flat 0
Walnut 4, New Site 0
Mooreville 10, Booneville 1
Baldwin 5, East Union 3
Tupelo 8, Grenada 3

Mooreville 15, Belmont 0
Hatley 7, New Site 4
Booneville 1, Kossuth 0
Smithville 12, Hamilton 1
Amory 3, Corinth 1
East Union 9, Walnut 1
Pontotoc 7 Itawamba AHS 4
South Pontotoc 13, Calhoun City 0

at The Dogwoods, Grenada
Kosciusko 323, Grenada 330, Calhoun City 347, Bruce 406, Houston 410
Kosciusko: Daniel McBride 76, Jared Potter 77, Cole Crosby 81, Griffin Pickle 89
Grenada: Noah Owensby 75, hunter Logan 76, Dalton Moore 88, Jake Draper 91
Calhoun City: Noah Hill 72, Coleman Suber 90, Jacob Ruth 91, Peyton Suber 94
Bruce: Cameron Clarke (medalist) 71, Nathan Hill 102, Austin Winter 110, Rudy Ferguson 123
Houston: Tanner Bulloch 91, Jackson Whitt, 104, Hayden Powell 104, Peyton Bassfield 110

at Big Oaks GC, Saltillo
Pontotoc 190, Ingomar 209, TCPS 210, Hatley 232
Pontotoc: Denver Russell 41, Guy Logan Grubbs 44, AJ Martin 46, Mitchell Cook 59
Ingomar: Luke Worthy 46, Thomas Wall 52, Caleb Gullick 55, Zack High 56
TCPS: Parker Brooks (medalist) 39, Jackson Mills 46, Sam Newell 60, Chase Cervantes 65
Hatley: Kyle Smith 46, Blake Elkin 59, Drake Porter 60, Jacob Metcalf 67

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Smithville’s Bulldog: McCain just wants the ball

(Photo Courtesy: Melissa Meador)

(Photo Courtesy: Melissa Meador)


Talked yesterday with Smithville baseball coach Steve Kerr about his top players, including senior Micah McCain.

Kerr calls the INF/P a bulldog who wants the ball with the game on the line. There will be a story in Wednesday’s Daily Journal, but here is a snippet.

Three years ago, Kerr was a rookie coach with the rookie freshman, who went neck-and-neck with an older teammate for a starting spot.
McCain didn’t start the first game, but after an error, Kerr put him in. The rest of the story, including helping Smithville to the Class 1A championship last season, is still being written – all over the field.

The Seminoles (3-3) aren’t satisfied and are in most opinions one of a handful of North teams with a legit shot to get back to Pearl. But McCain says you better not be satisfied with what you done individually, either.

“We’ve got a bunch of talent on this team,” McCain said. “When you get an opportunity, you better step up and make the best of it. If you don’t, you may not get another opportunity.”

McCain, one of four seniors, is one of two returners who hit more than .400 last season, along with senior Cole Williams. He anchors the infield and the batting order and begs to pitch, sporting a 1.60 ERA early on.

In a win this season against Amory, Kerr pulled him after a long outing Smithville led 11-2. Back at short, Amory got back in it and Kerr decided to make a pitching change.

“I get out there and Micah is begging for the ball,” Kerr said. “Not only did he get the win, he got the save.”

McCain said this year is different with a target on their backs.

“Everybody wants to beat us now,” he said. “We usually see everybody’s ace. The young kids have to step up.”

He would know. He stepped up as a freshman and hasn’t taken a step down. Kerr said he is getting college interest and is convinced he will make one team very happy they pull the trigger.

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Scores from Saturday, March 21

Hatley 9, Pine Grove 2
Amory 5, Mooreville 0
Oxford 9, Houston 2
Pontotoc 4, North Pontotoc 3
Ripley 10, Tishomingo County 1
Mooreville 12, Hamilton 4
Booneville 14, New Site 2
Booneville 7, East Union 5

Pontotoc 9, Caledonia 7
Pontotoc 13, Byhalia 1
Mooreville 8, Lafayette 1
Mooreville 11, Caledonia 7

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Scores from Friday, March 20

Tupelo 9, South Panola 1
Nettleton 7, Lamar County 1
Mooreville 16, Booneville 5
Itawamba AHS 5, Amory 2
Houston 7, Leake Central 2
East Webster 7, Nanih Waiya 0

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An Editor’s note, and a rebuttal

Editor’s Note
A recent blog post by the Daily Journal’s Brandon Speck about his experiences at the MHSAA basketball state tournament generated a lot of interest. It also raised concerns among some readers of this website.
One of those people was Josh Neaves, a former Journal Inc. writer whose father, Rickey, is the MHSAA associate director.
Josh submitted the following as a “Letter to the Editor” to the print edition of the Daily Journal. He and I have since agreed that this site, where the original blog post involving his father appeared, is a good forum for him to express his viewpoint.
The following appears as he submitted it, with perhaps one or two small style changes for clarity. Publishing it does not constitute an endorsement of all that’s contained within, but I do feel he has clearly articulated his point of view.
As reporters and editors, we get often get comfortable with criticizing others. It’s important that we are willing to take criticism as well.
John L. Pitts, Daily Journal sports editor 


By Josh Neaves
The Brandon Speck blog post titled “Did one MHSAA official threaten me?” asks a very simple question, of which the answer is also simple, no.
The first sentence of this story sets up what we should really be talking about.
“The Mississippi High School Activities Association had a really bad week.” Yes, in fact, they did.
After reorganizing the entire state basketball tournament due to inclement weather, the MHSAA had a really long, hard week. Fortunately, the Mississippi High School Basketball Playoffs ended with state champions crowned, just like every previous year.
Hour after hour went into making sure the state championship tournament ran as efficiently and safely as possible. This was at least partially due to the efforts of Mr. Rickey Neaves, Mr. Don Hinton and countless others. I don’t expect an article to be written praising their efforts; they’re just doing their job. However, I would expect a little bit of understanding.
Understand that after a long week of making sure that teams, officials and fans could come watch the state championship games safely, and that after the end of the tournament champions were crowned in each classification, not everyone will want to talk to the press, and may even give the cold shoulder.
It is your job to ask questions anyway, and I completely understand that. But also understand that there is a correct way and an incorrect to do so.
I have trouble with the quotes in the story for a few reasons. First, there’s so much indiscernible that I’m not getting the full story. I don’t like a lot of “what-ifs” in my news, I like a lot of facts. What if some of that indiscernible was Rickey Neaves complimenting Brandon Speck? What if some of that indiscernible was Rickey Neaves actually answering Speck’s questions? I’m almost sure that neither of these is the case, but I don’t know, it’s indiscernible.
My next problem with the quotes also deals with the indiscernibility of the speaker. It’s obvious that the conversation was recorded. Was the recorder not out in plain sight or even pushed towards the speaker in order to make sure there was no indiscernibility? This is problematic. Mr. Speck is a reporter, and I’m sure everyone involved was aware of that fact. Mr. Neaves even asks to go off the record, showing that he knew he was on the record. Why wasn’t the tape recorder placed closer against his face, there’s no room for indiscernibility here. I feel like the recorder was probably in the reporter’s pocket, making it hard for me to trust the story as a whole. Be proud to be recording the conversation, you’re a journalist doing what’s best for the community.
Problem No. 3. “Convicted negative, I gave him negative.” Not your job. You don’t decide and you are not the judge. You report the story and you certainly don’t “give negative.” It’s no wonder that you didn’t get the answers to your questions. Try this tactic on your wife, mother, father, friend, boss and see how well it works. Sure, you might get to feel like you stuck up for yourself, the truth, but you fail to improve anything.
Problem No. 4. The basketball picture. Was it a girls ball or a boys ball? I have a better question. Did each team play with the same ball? Was one team at a disadvantage because it was a girls ball? It’s possible, but unlikely. Get over it. The constant complaining about fairness, referees, umpires and rules are killing sports. Life is not fair, neither is basketball, that’s why it’s a great game. Some nights you have to beat the other team as well as the referees. That’s not fair, but it’s true. Every person who has ever competed has a story about the time things were unfair. Champions have stories about the time things were unfair and they won anyway.
Should we strive for fairness? Absolutely! Does that mean that when things are unfair we call off the game and restart? No! Play your best, find the resolve inside to win regardless of the circumstances. And if you don’t win, go home proud that every inch of you was left on that court, that is all you can really control.
Problem No. 5 and this one is tricky. “I’m through, Brandon. I’m not talking to you any more,” Neaves said. “Y’all have got a crooked ship. You’ve got a crooked ship,” Speck said.
Were you at a press conference? Why didn’t you just leave him alone? Was Neaves the only source you could go to?
You don’t badger people that you want to actually talk to and solve problems with. You badger and provoke people when you hope they slip up. The article then talks about Neaves putting his hands on Speck. I know Mr. Neaves quite well, in fact I’m his son.
I would be surprised if any of this was done with malicious intent or aggression. In fact, if someone continued to ask me questions after I repeatedly told them I was not talking to them any more, I would probably put my hand up and keep them at a distance while defending myself as well. If anyone felt threatened it was probably Rickey Neaves. When someone says, I’m not talking to you anymore it’s time to leave, as they are probably not talking to you anymore.
Final problem. “You know that’s not allowed at these events?” Speck said, referring to Neaves’ spit cup. “I do,” Neaves said. “Stay away from me.”
I laughed at this. The story lost any respect I had for it here. So Mr. Neaves is dipping in an area where he shouldn’t be. Shame on you Mr. Neaves. And here I thought we were going to talk about what’s wrong with the MHSAA, turns out we’re going to talk about what’s wrong with dipping tobacco. I think even Mr. Speck would probably like to retract this comment, it’s childish and serves no purpose other than to cast stones at a target.
As mentioned above, I am Josh Neaves, son of Rickey Neaves. It’s easy to see why I would stick up for my pop and “take his side.” It’s also worth noting that I used to be the sports writer for the Amory Advertiser and Aberdeen Examiner. When I moved to the Jackson area, Brandon Speck took over my position. I’ve run into him several times over the years and consider him a good journalist and a friend. Mistakes were made here as listed above. The publishing of this story was also a mistake.

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Scores from Thursday, March 19

Pontotoc 16, Shannon 7

Smithvillle 6, Tupelo 2
Pine Grove 12, Thrasher 0
Hatley 4, East Union 3
Walnut 3, Mantachie 0
Pontotoc 11, Amory 4

At Pickwick Landing
Kossuth 194, Red Bay 209, Tishomingo County 240
Kossuth: Jack Kather 44, Nick Crump 47, Luke Lyles 50, , Weston Bobo 52, Carson Wilder 53.
Red Bay: Isaiah Jackson (medalist) 41, Cody Cleveland 47, Drent Robbins 56, Austin Milam 65.
Tishomingo County: Tyler Smith 55, Nathan Barnes 57, Josh Higginbottom 62, TJ Taylor 66, Sam Osborn 67.

Red Bay 108, Kossuth 125
Red Bay: Anna Seahorn (medalist) 44, Kelly Miller 64.
Kossuth: Shelby Phillips 55,  Laura Jane McKee 70, Kasey McKee 71, Chesne Joyner 72.

at Big Oaks GC
TCPS 201, Ingomar 216, Nettleton 228
TCPS: Parker Brooks (medalist) 36, Jackson Mills 52, Chase Cervantes 54, Ben Woolhouse 59.
Ingomar: Luke Worthy 43, Thomas Wall 53, Chance Weathers 59, Zack High 61.
Nettleton: Riley Mayhew 42, Josh Smith 59, Rocky Foster 59, Guy Johnson 68.

Belmont 4, Itawamba AHS 3

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Tremont/Myrtle learning from March Madness


From @tremonthoops, this tweeted photo and via text, Myrtle doing the same

(Courtesy: @tremonthoops)

(Courtesy: @tremonthoops)

with today’s basketball practice sessions. Love it.

FWIW, unnamedTremont coach Brian Pearson played at Amory. Myrtle coach Rob Browning coached at Amory.

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Scores from Wednesday, March 18

MHSAA Championships
Class I Girls
Team scores: Kossuth 2775, TCPS 2772, Richland 2766, New Albany 2731, Tremont 2701, Itawamba 2627, Philadelphia 2221, Florence 2152.

Class II Boys
Team scores: Tupelo 3894, Petal 3697, Starkville 3627, Clinton 3554, Madison Central 3474, Neshoba Central 3445, Hancock 3412, DeSoto Central 3014.

Class II Girls
Team scores: Neshoba Central 3013, Starkville 2985, Madison Central 2940, Clinton 2763, DeSoto Central 2665, Pascagoula 2428, Germantown 2354, Hattiesburg 2211.

Kossuth Girls
High games: Jasmine Lee 168, Alison Strickland 161, Alyssa Rice 156, Kaylee Martin 152, Samantha Talley 149.
High series: Strickland 587, Martin 564, Talley 561, Rice 549.

Tupelo Boys
High games: Jake Houston 257, Drew Turberville 235, Clayton Horton 226, Cody Chambers 210, Josh Turberville 197, Eli McCaleb 178.
High series: Houston 828, D. Turberville 821, Chambers 770, Horton 744.


At Oxford (University Course)
Tupelo 149, Oxford 167
Tupelo: Blake Harris (medalist) 35, Kirk Reeder 37, Walker Clayton 37, Davis Arthur 40, Miles Roy 42.
Oxford: Wilson Baker 37, Beau Ryals 39, Matthew Sink 45, Dee Fair 46, Malek Dagestrani 50.

Tupelo 95, Oxford 109
Tupelo: Michaela Bryan (medalist) 41, Margaret Hill 54, Anna McCoy 66.
Oxford: Nile Thomas 54, Katie Trott 55.

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Scores from Tuesday, March 17

Pontotoc 19, Bruce 3
Ingomar 15, Blue Mountain 0
Tupelo 6, South Panola 5
Houston 14, Leake Central 0
Falkner 1, Thrasher 0
Amory 16, Hamilton 6
Amory 8, Calhoun City 0
Mooreville 5, Nettleton 0
Tishomingo County 2, Cherokee (Ala.) 0
Myrtle 5, West Union 4
Belmont 5, SaltIllo 0
Alcorn Central 12, Corinth 1
East Union 6, Hatley 4
Belmont 15, Alcorn Central 0

Booneville 4, Nettleton 3
Hatley 15, Mantachie 5
Pontotoc 3, Corinth 2
South Pontotoc 13, Vardaman 3
East Union 11, New Site 10
Smithville 14, Sulligent (Ala.) 1
Mooreville 3, Saltillo 0
Jumpertown 6, Pine Grove 5
Biggersville 8, Falkner 0

At Pontotoc Country Club
Team scores: New Albany Maroon 192, Pontotoc 205, New Albany White 210, Tishomingo County 219.
New Albany Maroon: Dean Garrett 45, Jack Cooper 46, Zachary McDonald 49, Boone Faulkner 52.
Pontotoc: Denver Russell 39 (medalist), Guy Logan Grubbs 48, A.J. Martin 56, Mitchell Cook 62.
New Albany White: Lauren Dunlap 44, Lucy Martin 49, Lenzi Sanderson 52, Chandler Cochran 65.
Tishomingo County: Nathan Barnes 46, Tyler Smith 51, Sam Ozborn 60, Josh Higginbottom 62.
Note: All teams played from the men’s tees.

At Big Oaks GC
Team scores: TCPS 204, Walnut 217, Ingomar 233.
TCPS: Parker Brooks (medalist) 40, Jackson Mills 48, Joseph Berry 57, Sam Newell 59.
Walnut: Kye Meeks 44, Travis Theil 52, Johnny Gilmore 59, John Mark Franz 62.
Ingomar: Luke Worthy 49, Thomas Wall 61, Caleb Gullick, 61, Zack High 62.

At Tupelo County Club
Boys scores: Tupelo 147, Booneville 170, Tupelo B 171, Oxford 180.
Tupelo: Kirk Reeder 36 (co-medalist), Davis Arthur 36 (co-medalist), Blake Harris 37, Walker Clayton 38.
Booneville: Austin Lauderdale 39, Tate Dickerson 40, Ptreston Jones 45, Alex Floyd 46.
Tupelo B: Reed Thornton 39, Brookes Hudson 42, Garner Nance 44, Taylor Replogle 46.
Oxford: Wilson Baker 37, Beau Ryals 46, Malek Dagestrani 46, Cole Hubble 51.

At Tupelo County Club
Tupelo girls: Margaret Hill 60, Anna McCoy 66.
Oxford girls: Aile Thomas 55.

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