North Mississippi Prep Fantasy Rankings Week 1

Week 1 Standings

1. Brandon 138.1
2. Melissa 134.5
3. Kedrick 125
4. Scotty 109.2
5. Jonathan 80.2
6. John 73.3
7. Jeff 69.2

8. Donica 31.8

Josh Williams 57.9
Jacquez Horsley 12.9
Marquis Moore 26.5
Jay Johnson 18
Antares Gwyn 22.8

Brady Davis 35.1
Tyreke Gates 10.2
Keshon Heard 37.1
DK Metcalf 12.7
Devin Wilson 39.4

Jase Stroupe 42.6
Alston Dill 17.3
Armani Linton 10.3
Dorian Gaston 0
Dakota Dailey 54.8

Duke Upshaw 19.8
Hunter White 22
Diamanté Pounds 29.8
Alex Norwood 9.2
Vijay Miller 28.4

Daniel Bristow 20.5
DJ Glaspie .8
TJ Fields 15.7
Brooks Shannon 11.5
Caleb Nelson 31.7

Jack Abraham 46.6
Kyree White 12.1
Kenzie Phillips 11.6
CJ Williams 3
Tyrell Price 0

Chakel Gates 16.2
Dequin Babbitt 0
Jeramie Lawrence 21.6
Isaiah Howard 13.9
JT Herring 17.5


Jake McDonald .4

Devin Thomas 4.4

Hunter Sheffield 5.2

Quincy Starks, West Point, 112 yards, TD 25.2

Chase Hall, 66 yards 6.6

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Gene and Brandon’s Week 2 Picks

Tonight’s picks from @brandonspeck (5-0) and @genephelps (4-1).

Center Hill at Tupelo

Gene: Tupelo; Brandon: Tupelo

Starkville at Oxford

Gene: Starkville; Brandon: Oxford

Itawamba AHS at New Albany

Gene: IAHS; Brandon: New Albany

North Pontotoc at Ripley

Gene: Ripley; Brandon: Ripley

Corinth at Lafayette

Gene: Corinth; Brandon: Corinth

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Baldwyn’s dead skunk the weirdest pregame ever?

Dead Skunk (@brandonspeck)

Dead Skunk (@brandonspeck)


Who knows what type of effect it had on Baldwyn, but no denying that something got into the Bearcats Thursday night.

Baldwyn broke a five-year drought in the Skunk Bowl, beating rival Booneville 41-12 behind 457 yards from quarterback Duke Upshaw and a defense that allowed but four field goals.

For the first time since a skunk streaked across Latimer Park and renamed the already-intense rivalry, Baldwyn took the third-year trophy.

That night in 2012, the skunk’s appearance was followed by an Andrew Lambert interception return that capped a 20-point Booneville comeback.

Did that skunk curse Baldwyn? And have Baldwyn coaches taken care of the problem?

Thursday, Baldwyn coach Michael Gray had a pregame for the ages.

About two months ago, assistant coach Dru Allen spotted a skunk (the skunk?) around a mower at the field. Gray poked it to make sure it was dead, then went to the freezer. Well, to the freezer after having a little fun with a couple of surprised players.

Thursday, he took it out. And all of a sudden, Baldwyn had the weirdest pregame in all of time.

“It could have been the skunk,” Gray said. “He was dead down there under a lawn mower.”

It’s still not 100 percent clear how they got it in the red Coke crate and large bag it was in Thursday, but Gray didn’t pick it up with his hand.

“I’m not total man,” he said.

Here’s the story, from Mississippi’s reigning pregame champ.

YouTube Preview Image
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Duke of Skunks, Upshaw racks up 457 yards


BALDWYN – Duke Upshaw totaled 457 all-purpose yards in Thursday’s 41-12 Skunk Bowl win against Booneville. It all started with a 98-yard kick return to open the game.

The junior seems to find a burst in traffic. He had TD runs of 40, 12 and 63. One of Laquintez Upshaw’s two scores was a 63-yard run. Upshaw credited his offensive line, which he followed left for both touchdowns and 154 rushing yards in the second half.

“My offensive line, they were clicking with me,” Upshaw said. “We had everybody on each other’s back.”

YouTube Preview Image
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Scores from Thursday, Aug. 28

Baldwyn 41, Booneville 12
South Panola 14, West Point 10
Walnut 28, Falkner 21

Wheeler 8, Pine Grove 3
Amory 8, Smithville 7
East Webster 13, Noxapater 3
Tishomingo County 8, Belmont 3
Corinth 6, Kossuth 2
Nettleton 4, North Pontotoc 2
Hamilton 17, Itawamba AHS 5
Tupelo 16-16, Oxford 1-0

Pontotoc 3, Tishomingo County 0

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Skunk Bowl tonight: Revisit the stinker


Bob Tapp captured this that evening.

Bob Tapp captured this that evening.

Skunk Bowl is tonight. Baldwyn coach Michael Gray said he saw the skunk about a month ago. Then, more reports of the critter surfaced Wednesday on Twitter. #RememberTheSkunk YouTube Preview Image Here’s a view from the Booneville sideline, courtesy of kimcwhite’s YouTube channel. YouTube Preview Image And here is a link to today’s story in the #DJournal.

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Video: Aberdeen QB matures into threat


Talked with Aberdeen QB Josh Williams, a fourth-year starter, Friday after the Bulldogs win at Shannon. I’ve watched a lot of his career and he’s matured incredibly into one of the area’s, if not the area’s best quarterback.

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a link to the story in today’s #DJournal.

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Scores from Tuesday, Aug. 26

Booneville 4, Corinth 3
North Pontotoc 26, Holly Springs 1
East Webster 11, Houston 0
East Union 9, Myrtle 5
Amory 14, Tupelo 2
Nettleton 4, Smithville 3
Hamilton 9, Hatley 6
Mooreville 12, Saltillo 2

Pontotoc 3, Alcorn Central 0
New Albany 3, Potts Camp 0

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Video: Workhorse Stroupe enters final season


Talked with Falkner QB Jase Stroupe at the Oxford Jamboree. He led Falkner to a 57-0 rout of Middleton (Tenn.) in Week 1. Here’s the story of our talk and some extras on the video.

YouTube Preview Image



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Scores from Monday, Aug. 25

Amory 16, Columbus 3
Falkner 16-15, Hickory Flat 2-0
Ingomar 14, Pine Grove 2
Itawamba AHS 9, New Site 4
Jumpertown 16, Blue Mountain 2
South Pontotoc 14, Vardaman 2
Walnut 18, Biggersville 13
West Union 6, Mantachie 5

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Kossuth players honoring fallen classmate, hero

08081402 Kossuth


*This story was published in our 2014 Football Journal.

Ben Shipman won’t lead the Kossuth band onto the field when the Aggies open the season at Corinth.

But the former Aggies’ drum major will get a hero’s remembrance.

Shipman, 17, was killed in an auto accident in March. His 2015 senior classmates are honoring him with a unique tribute.

“We saw the Batman cleats and thought it would be a good way to kind of honor him,” Kossuth senior lineman Ty Dickson said.

Dickson said Shipman always carried his Batman lunchbox around. So Kossuth’s 13 seniors will wear Under Armour Batman cleats this season.

Dad Ritchie Shipman said the outpouring of support, from visitation to Facebook to people he’d meet on the street, helped ease the loss just a little. A decorated musician, Ben never bragged to Ritchie about helping students with classwork or guiding new band members.

“It was amazing for me to see how many lives he touched,” Ritchie said. “To hear the teachers and kids talk about how much they loved him and how much he helped them, I didn’t know anything about helping kids with work and beginner band. Maybe I took it for granted. It just made my heart grow with how much I loved him.”

Kossuth is a family thing. Mom Trina is an elementary teacher. Daughter Whitney graduated there. Ritchie ran the scoreboard at football games.

Trina admits going to all the games will be tough, but Ritchie says he’ll still be there to support the Aggies “big time” and other family on the team.

“He really loved Kossuth. He loved supporting the football team and all the Aggie sports,” said Trina. “He loved cheering in the stands. It was one of his favorite parts of being drum major.”

Every player’s helmet will have a Batman decal with “Ben” written inside the Batman symbol.

“They wanted to do it in remembrance of him,” Kossuth coach Brian Kelly said. “Great people. It was a tough day for a small school like Kossuth. It is for any school, but it was hard to deal with. He was such a great kid and student, a 4.0, never had a problem out of that kid.”

Shipman tried athletics, Ritchie said. But he found his spot to express his love for Kossuth sports in the band.

“He loved it. He wasn’t really athletic. He tried, but was a little awkward,” Ritchie said, then seemingly smiled over the phone. “He loved football and going to basketball games and when Kossuth went to state in baseball, really got into that. He just loved leading the band, loved being involved.”

Kossuth is home on Aug. 29 against McNairy (Tenn.) Central.

It will be an emotional night for everyone. Trina understandably choked up when talking about Ben. Emotional, but with Batman symbols that clearly reflect the impact her son had – has – on his school.

He left memories, but also a lesson that transcends band and football, and even school.

“Every time you put on your cleats, you remember you never know when it could be over,” Dickson said.

Shipman’s life in Kossuth ended, but there are plenty of signals that show just how much he’ll always be there.

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Week 2 Rankings

Class 6A/5A

1. Tupelo 1-0

Friday: Beat Lafayette 20-0

This week: Center Hill

2. Oxford 1-0

Friday: Beat Jackson Prep 26-21

This week: Starkville

3. Starkville 1-0

Friday: Beat Noxubee County 51-19

This week: at Oxford

Class 4A/3A

Ripley (1-0)

Friday: Beat Itawamba AHS 34-21

This week: North Pontotoc

2. Corinth (1-0)

Friday: Beat Kossuth 42-0

This week: at Lafayette

3. Booneville

Friday: Beat Walnut 21-14

This week: at Baldwyn (Thu.)

4. Aberdeen (1-0)

Friday: Beat Shannon 42-19

This week: New Hope

5. Itawamba AHS (0-1)

Friday: Lost to Ripley 34-21

This week: at New Albany

Class 2A/1A

1. Calhoun City (1-0)

Friday: Beat Coffeeville 30-20

This week: at Houston

2. Baldwyn (1-0)

Friday: Beat Nettleton 28-25

This week: Booneville (Thu.)

3. Hamilton (1-0)

Friday: Beat Potts Camp 43-27

This week: Caledonia

4. Falkner (1-0)

Friday: Beat Middleton (Tenn.) 57-0

This week: at Walnut (Thu.)

5. Bruce (0-1)

Friday: Lost to North Pontotoc 28-20

This week: Potts Camp

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