Video: Mississippi State commit happy for Ole Miss, for now

Mississippi State 4-star wide receiver Dontea Jones (Louisville), tweeted Saturday morning that his shoulder will require surgery after injuring it Friday night at Aberdeen.

Jones will miss the remainder of his senior season.

Jones had missed the last three weeks with a sprained MCL and torn meniscus in his left knee. He didn’t expect surgery to be necessary.

The 6-foot-4, 220-pound prospect will next be on the field for Mississippi State. He says he has enjoyed his recruitment. And he had some positive things to say about the No. 1 Bulldogs, as well as their arch rival. Jones is glad the Rebels are having Mississippi success, but he’s clear – and smiling – on where he stands when the Egg Bowl rolls around.

“Like to the death of me, I’m a Bulldog, man. I love Mississippi State to the end,” he said.

Jones, ranked by 247Sports as Mississippi’s seventh-best prospect, said MSU coaches constantly checked in on him after his knee injury, making sure he was seeing his doctor.

“They really showed me the most love out of anybody,” Jones said. “I’ve been to every home game this year. As they say, defense actually wins games. They win championships. To me, they’ve got the No. 1 defense in the country. It just really excites me to be part of that future.”

With Ole Miss right behind the Bulldogs at No. 3 entering Saturday, the state of Mississippi is abuzz, with some sacrilegiously even pulling for both teams.

From Jones’ eyes, he likes to see what the state is doing with his own contemporaries, keeping Mississippi talent in Mississippi a big part of keying the runs for both schools.

He has his chance to go elsewhere. Along with Ole Miss, Florida, Tennessee and Miami are among his suitors.

“I like what the whole state’s doing. They’re putting on for Mississippi,” Jones said. “Mostly, it’s been Alabama and teams like Florida and Texas, Texas A&M. They’re just showing that Mississippi kids, they can compete with the best of them. They can play hard. They can come out on top.

“But to the end, I’m still a Bulldog. The Rebels, they’re doing pretty good right now. I’m just waiting of the Egg Bowl.”

Here is more with Jones.

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Four Downs Week 9: Wild Indians, Bad Fans, Mooreville?


1. Don’t nobody talk bad about them Indians.

Remember when Itawamba AHS was 1-4? Gas was $1.07 and you could still visit a local Blockbuster. The Indians beat Corinth 56-21 Friday to take a very commanding Division 1-4A lead with a 3-0 mark. If IAHS simply bothers to get off the bus next week at Pontotoc or put on shoes the final week against Tish, it will easily wrap up a division title.

2. Walnut and Baldwyn set showdown.

Both are 8-1 and fighting for a Division 1-2A title. Winner gets it. Both will get a home playoff opener. Baldwyn’s defense has been unreal. According to the team’s Twitter account, the Bearcats have five defensive touchdowns in the last eight quarters, four fumble returns and an interception. It came against two teams a combined 7-10 and in two blowouts, so it is what it is.

This is by far Baldwyn’s biggest challenge and the only guy Baldwyn has faced with as much game-breaking ability as Armani Linton was Saltillo’s Diamante Pounds. And that was a month ago.

3. Mooreville, what do you think you’re doing?

The Troopers are now 6-2 after beating Booneville on Friday, the first time they’ve ever done that. We almost called Tay Rucker, Ray Tucker in Saturday’s #DJournal, but it was caught and fixed. Not that Mooreville would have cared. Call them what you want right about now. After hosting Kossuth and going to North Pontotoc, you might be calling them 1-3A champs.

4. Aberdeen fans might as well have stayed home.

Before Louisville’s 37-6 beating was in swing, Aberdeen’s fans were already in full we-don’t-care mode. It was a nice crowd at Lester Miley Stadium, but a very quiet one. The Bulldogs played badly, yes, but it was no thanks to you that were able to drum up any emotion. Get with the program, they’re 6-3 and will finish second in the division, thanks to this loss, outside of Charleston’s side of the bracket. That’s not a bad thing. Friday, you were bad fans.

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State commit Jones may miss rest of year

Louisville wide receiver Dontea Jones, a 2015 Mississippi State commit, could miss the remainder of the season.

Jones landed hard on his right shoulder after a catch in the second quarter of Friday’s 37-6 win at Aberdeen and was in a sling after the game.

The 28-yard post had  Louisville in the red zone, his only catch. He had just returned after missing three weeks with an MCL sprain and torn meniscus, which he didn’t expect to require surgery.

Jones said he’ll see a doctor Saturday morning, but the team diagnosis is two months.

“He told me I’m out for two months, period, so that is the year,” Jones said. “I’m just glad to see these boys come out with a win. It hurts me a little bit, man. I’m just glad to see these guys win.”

That was the attitude of the 4-star pledge not long after being told his senior season may be gone. And as much as Mississippi State and a host of others – Miami, Ole Miss and Tennessee included – want the 6-foot-4, 220-pounder’s game, his mindset is every bit as appealing.

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Gene and Brandon’s Week 9 Picks


Week 9 kicks in a little more than an hour. Need something to argue about?

Gene went 4-1 last week to go to 28-7. I am now 25-10, trying to make up some ground after last week’s 5-0 mark.

South Panola at Tupelo

Gene: South Panola; Brandon: South Panola


Louisville at Aberdeen

Gene: Louisville; Brandon: Aberdeen


Booneville at Mooreville

Gene: Mooreville; Brandon: Booneville


New Hope at Oxford

Gene: Oxford; Brandon: Oxford


New Site at Walnut

Gene: Walnut; Brandon: Walnut

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MHSAA softball quarterfinal schedule

Saturday, Oct. 18
Class 1A
Falkner at Hamilton, 1 p.m.
Jumpertown at Smithville, noon
Class 2A
Hatley at Riverside, noon
East Union at Mantachie, 11:30 a.m.
East Webster at Bay Springs, 3 p.m.
Class 3A
Kossuth at Mooreville, 11 a.m.
Booneville at Nettleton, 1 p.m.
Class 4A
Tishomingo Co. at Leake Central, 2 p.m.
Houston at Amory, noon
Class 5A/6A
Saltillo at Neshoba Central, 1 p.m.

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Week 8 Fantasy 5

If you were playing Northeast Mississippi Fantasy Football – and some Journal writers are – here are the players you would have won with last week. Stats are compiled by Jeff Roberts and taken from call-ins to the Journal, as well as from MaxPreps.

Want to see the guys who barely missed the cut? @guntillobearcat tweets them.

1. Dakota Dailey, Sr., QB, Marshall Academy: Passing: 12-17, 218 yards, 3 TDs; Rushing: 129 yards, 1 TD; Receiving: 2 catches, 43 yards, 1 TD, 1 2-pt conversion
2. Antares Gwyn, Jr., QB, Corinth: Passing: 6-9, 131 yards, Rushing: 10 carries, 327 yards, 4 TDs
3. Kenzie Phillips, Jr., RB, Oxford: 7 carries, 212 yards, 4 TDs
4. Jordan Harris, Sr., WR, Marshall Academy: 6 catches, 178 yards, 3 TDs; Passing: 20 yards, 1 TD
5. Brooks Shannon, Sr., WR, North Pontotoc: Rushing: 10 carries, 207 yards 3 TDs; Defense: 7 tackles, 1 INT

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Where are the top teams tonight?


Class 6A/5A

1. Starkville (7-0) at Madison Central: The Yellow Jackets received 12-of-13 first-place votes in the Associated Press overall poll.

2. Oxford (6-1) vs. New Hope: Big test against unbeaten Trojans.

3. Tupelo (5-2) vs. South Panola: A loss would be the third straight for injured Wave.

Class 4A/3A

1. Aberdeen (6-2) vs. Louisville: A win would all but secure the Division 4-3A title.

2. Corinth (6-2) at Itawamba AHS: Division 1-4A battle of 2-0 teams.

3. North Pontotoc (7-1) vs. Belmont: Big-play North Pontotoc has scored 31 points per two division games.

4. Ripley (5-3) vs. Rosa Fort: Tigers looking for revenge for controversial 2013 division loss at Rosa Fort.

5. Mooreville (5-2) vs. Booneville: Troopers have been a surprise of Division 1-3A.

Class 2A/1A

1. Calhoun City (8-0) open date: Week off before state’s top 2A team goes to Eupora.

2. Baldwyn (7-1) at East Union: Bearcats have won nine straight division games.

3. Walnut (7-1) at New Site: A Walnut win sets up an unbeaten division showdown next week at Baldwyn.

4. Hamilton (5-2) at Biggersville: Lions are 3-1 in division need a third straight win before closing the season at Smithville and against Coffeeville.

5. Falkner (5-2) at Coldwater: Key division game for 4-0 Eagles before hosting Smithville and going to Coffeeville.

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Softball playoff scores from Thursday, Oct. 16

Class 1A
Falkner 16-22, Ashland 0-0
(Falkner wins series 2-0)
Smithville 11-14, Ingomar 8-4
(Smithville wins series 2-0)
Jumpertown 16-11, Blue Mtn. 2-0
(Jumpertown wins series 2-0)

Class 2A
Riverside 10-13, Walnut 1-2
(Riverside wins series 2-0)
East Webster 13-17, Puckett 3-0
(East Webster wins series 2-0)

Class 3A
Booneville 16-18, Charleston 0-5
(Booneville wins series 2-0)
Nettleton 12-18, North Pontotoc 2-3
(Nettleton wins series 2-0)
Mooreville 9-6, South Pontotoc 7-2
(Mooreville wins series 2-0)

Class 4A
Houston 2-2, Kosciusko 1-1
(Houston wins series 2-0)

Class 5A-6A
Saltillo 9-11, Clinton 2-7
(Saltillo wins series 2-0)

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Week 8 Northeast Mississippi Fantasy Standings


@guntillobearcat has the latest totals in the NeMiss Fantasy League. I’m personally find of this one because Josh Williams and Antares Gwyn have me atop the standings with three weeks to go,

1. Brandon Speck 1,020.1
2. Kedrick Storey 996.5
3. Melissa Meador 912.2
4. Scotty Nichols 842.6
5. Jeff Roberts 760.9
6. Jonathan Wise 676.7
7. John Davis 601.6
8. Donica Phifer 218.9

Week 8 Results (season total)

Brandon Speck 205.4 (1,020.1)
Josh Williams, Aberdeen 64 (329.8)
Jay Johnson, Bruce 17.5 (85.4)
Marquis Moore, Byers 39.8 (154.1)
Jacquez Horsley, Starkville 14.3 (94.6)
Antares Gwyn, Corinth 69.8 (356.2)

Kedrick Storey 141.1 (996.5)
Jase Stroupe, Falkner 35.1 (219.9)
Dorian Gaston, Ripley 0 (86.8)
Armani Linton, Walnut 35 (196)
Alston Dill, Mantachie 0 (49.7)
Dakota Dailey, Marshall Academy 71 (444.1)

Jeff Roberts 106.5 (760.9)
Chakel Gates, Calhoun City 33.3 (188.5)
Isaiah Howard, Ripley 11.5 (108.1)
Jeramie Lawrence, Falkner 27.3 (136.1)
Chance Lindsey, Hatley 8.8 (162.9)
JT Herring, New Site 25.6 (165.3)

Scotty Nichols 96.3 (842.6)
Duke Upshaw, Baldwyn 19.7 (169.9)
Alex Norwood, Tupelo 0 (59.4)
Diamante Pounds, Saltillo 23.4 (216.9)
Hunter White, IAHS 14.8 (121.6)
Vijay Miller, IAHS 38.4 (274.8)

Jonathan Wise 67.1 (676.7)
Daniel Bristow, Tupelo 7.1 (104)
Brooks Shannon, North Pontotoc 39.5 (244.8)
TJ Fields, Amory 11 (114.6)
DJ Glaspie, Bruce 0 (13.9)
Caleb Nelson, North Pontotoc 9.5 (199.4)

John Davis 55.8 (601.6)
Jack Abraham, Oxford 0 (248.9)
CJ Williams, Aberdeen .6 (11.3)
Kenzie Phillips, Oxford 45.2 (173)
Zach Cousar, Oxford 0 (32.8)
Tyrell Price, Lafayette 10 (83.7)

Melissa Meador 51.9 (912.2)
Brady Davis, Starkville 19.7 (347.3)
DK Metcalf, Oxford 19.5 (96)
Keshon Heard, Hamilton 0 (200.1)
Tyreke Gates, Aberdeen 10.3 (75.4)
Brandon Townsend, Houston 2.4 (149.5)

Donica Phifer 18.3 (218.9)
Devon Thomas, Lafayette 3.1 (85.5)
Jake McDonald, New Albany 15.2 (24.2)
Quincy Starks, West Point 0 (76.4)
Hunter Sheffield, IAHS 0 (20.6)
Chase Hall, East Union 0 (12.4)

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Softball playoff schedule for Thursday, Oct. 16

Class 1A
Ashland at Falkner, 5 p.m.
Smithville at Ingomar, 5 p.m.
Jumpertown at Blue Mountain, 5 p.m.

Class 2A
Walnut at Riverside, 1 p.m.
Puckett at East Webster, 5 p.m.

Class 3A
Charleston at Booneville, 5 p.m.
Mooreville at South Pontotoc, 5 p.m.
North Pontotoc at Nettleton, 5 p.m.

Class 4A
Kosciusko at Houston, 4 p.m.

Class 5A-6A
Clinton at Saltillo, 4 p.m.

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Softball playoff scores from Wednesday, Oct. 15

Class 3A
Kossuth 15, Winona 11Kossuth 12, Winona 2
Kossuth wins series 2-0

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Hatley seniors looking to start a legacy for trodden Tigers


Hatley quarterback Jonathan Waycaster arrived in January 2013 – from Australia. With a dad who had played football at Hatley, Waycaster had pitched the ball in the back yard, but not played the organized game.

A senior, Waycaster has thrown for 957 yards and 11 touchdowns, as Hatley tries to make the playoffs for the first time in school history.

Senior teammate, lineman Adrian Moffett, who beams of the possible excitement making the playoffs would create for Hatley’s school and loyal fanbase, speaks highly of his quarterback.

“He has learned so much. It has really made him the player he is today,” Moffett said. “He’s a lot more athletic than the one’s we’ve had, a lot more athletic, a lot better throwing arm.”

Waycaster has a good running game and he likes his play-action options.

Born in South Carolina, he lived in Australia for a decade before returning to the states.

“It’s not near as big. Normally it’s older men that play (football),” Waycaster said.

Hatley was 0-11 the year before and hasn’t had a winning season since 1997, a streak of 16 losing years, winless in three of those.

“I still wanted to play,” Waycaster said. “Once we started winning, we need to start something. It’s gone on for too long. We need to show our progression.”

Here is my story from today’s #DJournal on Hatley’s hopes of winning its final three games and hosting, not just making, the postseason.

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