Jan. 4 -10 Journal Fantasy 5

This week’s #DJournal Prep Page is out on Friday, but here is a sneak peak at the latest Fantasy 5. Two Houlka guys, including last week’s No. 1 at No. 2 this week. Freshman Madarius Hobson is having a monster freshman season.

Stats are compiled by Jeff Roberts and taken from call-ins to the Journal, as well as from MaxPreps.

1. Treyvon Jeanes, Sr., Falkner: 49 pts., 20 reb., 10 st.
2. Madarius Hobson, Fr., Houlka: 43 pts., 15 reb., 7 ast., 12 st.
3. Jacob Wilcher, Jr., Kossuth: 50 pts., 13 reb.
4. Laquain Foster, Sr., Ingomar: 37 pts., 15 reb., 5 ast., 8 st.
5. Tyreque Reed, Sr., Houlka: 42 pts., 5 3s., 13 reb.

1. Shelby Wilbanks, Sr., Walnut: 68 pts., 16 reb., 7 ast., 11 st.
2. Lane Kennedy, Sr., Smithville: 48 pts., 30 reb., 8 st.
3. Shylysses Rimmer, Sr., Vardaman: 23 pts., 20 ast., 8 st.
4. Claire Golding, Jr., TCPS: 48 pts., 15 reb., 11 st.
5. Tiara Jones, Sr., Vardaman: 47 pts., 21 FTs., 21 reb., 8 st.

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Watch: Hickory Flat’s Mason buzzer beats Walnut


Did this story on Hickory Flat’s Hunter Mason last week. Click here to read it.

The Journal jinx didn’t affect him last night. Mason scored 34 points in a win against Walnut. He hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer, his seventh of the night.

Here is a short clip of our talk and click here for some highlights via his coach, Michael Seger.

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Scores from Tuesday, January 13

(G) TCPS 45, Smithville 35
(G) Itawamba AHS 62, Columbus 44
(G) New Albany 72, Rosa Fort 43
(G) Vardaman 64, Houlka 46
(G) Biggersville 59, Wheeler 47
(G) Belmont 53, Tishimingo County 30
(G) Walnut 68, Hickory Flat 22
(G) Pontotoc 66, Shannon 26
(G) Kossuth 72, Mooreville 47
(G) New Site 55, South Pontotoc 33
(G) Pine Grove 61, Tremont 41
(G) Okolona 60, Bruce 55
(G) West Union 65, Blue Mountain 36
(G) Baldwyn 57, Hatley 47
(G) Booneville 65, Alcorn Central 36
(G) Ingomar 62, Myrtle 30
(G) Tupelo 67, South Panola 39
(G) Saltillo 51, New Hope 48, OT
(B) Houlka 75, Vardaman 11
(B) Rosa Fort 73, New Albany 50
(B) Marshall Academy 57, Lee Academy 18
(B) Biggersville 59, Wheeler 46
(B) Mooreville 81, Kossuth 74
(B) Blue Mountain 84, West Union 64
(B) Tupelo 70, South Panola 37
(B) Booneville 77, Alcorn Central 62
(B) Pontotoc 80, Shannon 70
(B) Tremont 49, Pine Grove 33
(B) Myrtle 48, Ingomar 44
(B) Okolona 73, Bruce 28
(B) Baldwyn 73, Hatley 39
(B) Calhoun City 93, Coffeville 70
(B) New Site 61, South Pontotoc 51
(B) Hickory Flat 51, Walnut 48

(G) Tupelo 6, Lafayette 0
(G) Saltillo 4, Oxford 3
(B) Saltillo 3, Oxford 2

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Watch: Eighth grader offered by Ole Miss talks from Marshall Hoop Fest


My buddy @guntillobearcat caught up with CPA eighth grader Tyger Campbell, who has an Ole Miss offer, recently at the Marshall County Hoop Fest.

Here is a brief chat.

If you’re looking for a CPA game to see, Jan. 31 Ballard, Kentucky’s No. 2 team, visits Nashville.

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Your chance to prove it, Lady Bearcats


Not saying I get a billion emails about it, but one complaint/advice I hear about our #DJournal hoops rankings is that Baldwyn’s girls should be included.

Well never before has such a chance presented itself to make the case. Of all the county tournaments going on this weekend, Baldwyn’s girls may have the toughest road to a title.

The Lady Bearcats get a bye, but will likely face No. 8 New Site on Friday. If they beat New Site (and will be a decided underdog), then it’s likely 3A champ and No. 6 Booneville in Saturday’s title game.

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Former Viking Green bulks up on redshirt


Marcus Green has gotten bigger and is just as fast.

“I gained about 20 pounds and my speed’s still the same. A lot of people are saying that’s scary,” Green says.

The former North Pontotoc star receiver and back has spent the last year working on his body – and the Louisiana-Monroe playbook. He redshirted his freshman season, but did everything the starters did except play.

“I’ve haven’t played a game in almost a year,” Green said. “I’m ready to get on the field and show everybody what I can do.”

Fall camp was a tryout of sorts, to determine who may need a redshirt year. Green says it was learning the playbook and signals that he needed more time to grasp.

He was fine with it, wanting to gain some weight anyway and get ready to move to outside receiver.

“High school, I just looked at an armband,” Green said. “Coach (Brian) Sutton called a formation, we’d go. In college, you’ve got three coaches signaling in play calls so fast.”

Green popped on the Mississippi scene when he ran a 4.43 in the 40-yard dash at the Tupelo Combine. Not many hours later, the Warhawks offered. His last season at North, Green totaled 1,723 yards and 23 touchdowns, both team-highs.

He’s getting more than football experience, too. He chose to make the trip to New Mexico with the team, his first time that far west.

ULM went 4-8, but played within 21-16 at Texas A&M and lost by seven against Sun Belt foe and bowl game winner Louisiana-Lafayette. The schedule again provides a big stage, two against the Southeastern Conference.

The Warhawks play at Alabama and at Georgia (with Tupelo DB Jarvis Wilson a Bulldog now). ULM also goes to Hawaii.

“We’re looking forward to that. We played good against SEC teams. Defensively, we held up with every team. We couldn’t get anything going offensively and that’s what we’re looking to change next year,” Green said.

Green can have a major say in that. He’s been hinting to coach Todd Berry about getting in some Wildcat like he did a lot of in Ecru.

He also says he hasn’t ruled out giving two sports a try. He averaged a team-high 15 points per game his senior prep season in basketball, a sport he admittedly misses and wouldn’t mind walking on, playing intramurals at least.

Green can still be found at plenty of North Pontotoc games.

“I just want to have a winning record, go to a bowl game hopefully,” Green said, “whatever the season holds, I’m ready for it.”

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Scores from Saturday, January 10

(G) Booneville 59, Myrtle 30
(G) Ripley 52, Walnut 39
(G) Tupelo 74, Starkville 59
(G) Corinth 53, Kossuth 32
(B) Myrtle 74, Booneville 65
(B) Corinth 96, Kossuth 54
(B) Ripley 86, Falkner 50
(B) Starkville 50, Tupelo 27
(B) Byhalia 86, H.W. Byers 55
(B) Marshall Aca 66, Royal Ambassadors 51

(G) Tupelo 1, Brandon 0
(G) Tupelo 2, Germantown 0
(G) Saltillo 2, Ridgeland 0
(B) Tupelo 1, Brandon 0
(B) Tupelo 5, Germantown 1
(B) Ridgeland 5, Saltillo 1

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Scores from Friday, January 9

(G) North Pontotoc 31, Saltillo 22
(G) New Albany 51, Lafayette 31
(G) Pontotoc 39, New Site 33
(G) Houlka 59, Bruce 50
(G) Baldwyn 64, East Union 34
(G) Mooreville 58, Tremont 31
(G) Corinth 41, Alcorn Central 38
(G) Eupora 74, Okolona 49
(G) Shannon 75, Amory 33
(G) West Point 61, Aberdeen 40
(G) Ingomar 47, West Union 24
(G) Calhoun City 66, Nettleton 64
(G) Myrtle 59, Hickory Flat 52
(G) Coffeeville 59, TCPS 28
(G) Mantachie 42, Wheeler 57
(G) Itawamba AHS 61, Tishomingo County 25
(G) Jumpertown 52, Thrasher 28
(G) Ripley 55, Blue Mountain 20
(G) Booneville 60, Belmont 56
(B) Pontotoc 62, New Site 43
(B) Mooreville 68, Tremont 56
(B) Myrtle 61, Hickory Flat 37
(B) Shannon 101, Amory 48
(B) New Albany 78, Lafayette 44
(B) Okolona 59, Eupora 43
(B) Calhoun City 79, Nettleton 69
(B) Belmont 49, Booneville 47
(B) Aberdeen 58, West Point 51
(B) Jumpertown 78, Thrasher 45
(B) Corinth 70, Alcorn Central 45
(B) Houlka 76, Bruce 57
(B) Wheeler 69, Mantachie 38
(B) Baldwyn 77, East Union 33
(B) Saltillo 53, North Pontotoc 39
(B) Falkner 50, Blue Mountain 48
(B) Ripley 75, Pine Grove 36
(B) Tupelo 62, Hernando 34
(B) Itawamba AHS 57, Tishimingo County 46
(B) Marshall Academy 72, Mooreville 26

(G) Saltillo 9, West Point 0
(G) New Albany 2, Corinth 1
(G) Tupelo 4, Clinton 2
(B) Tupelo 1, Clinton 0
(B) Saltillo 10, West Point 0

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Watch: Kossuth senior Tice talks ACT win


Kossuth was down by 10 in the third quarter against Biggersville in Thursday’s opener of the Alcorn County Tournament.

But Parrish Tice was not having it. She scored 11 of her 29 points in the third quarter and 17 in the second half.

Here is the story from today’s #DJournal, as Kossuth advances to Saturday’s championship game.

And hear from Tice below.

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Watch: Reggie Miller talks Saltillo win over West Point


Saltillo is 13-2 and ranked No. 8 by the Daily Journal. The Tigers got a big win, 56-52 over visiting West Point to open Division 2-5A play.

The Tigers hit only 13 of 29 free throws but made up for it defensively. Jason Smith drew three charges in the fourth quarter as the Tigers rallied.

Here is the story, as well as some video with senior F Reggie Miller.

YouTube Preview Image
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Golden Wave take No. 1 spot

There is a new No. 1 in the Journal basketball rankings and its the Tupelo Golden Wave. Tupelo took the top spot from Baldwyn, which has been No. 1 all season.

Tupelo and Oxford were both favored to be No. 1. The Chargers stayed at No. 2, rewarding two losses that came to national teams St. John’s (D.C.) and Bishop O’Connell (Va.).

Baldwyn is at No. 3 and here is the rest of the boys and girls rankings.


1. Tupelo 12-2

2. Oxford 13-2

3. Baldwyn 14-1

4. New Albany 10-3

5. Pontotoc 13-4

6. Corinth 12-4

7. Ripley 14-2

8. Saltillo 13-2

9. Aberdeen 11-2

10. Calhoun City 12-2


1. Pontotoc 17-0

2. Itawamba AHS 12-2

3. Belmont 13-2

4. Ripley 14-2

5. New Albany 11-3

6. Booneville 13-2

7. H.W. Byers 10-4

8. New Site 9-6

9. Tupelo 8-7

10. Ingomar 10-5

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Scores from Thursday, January 8

(G) Blue Mountain 35, Falkner 25
(G) Walnut 48, Pine Grove 24
(G) Kossuth 59, Biggersville 58
(B) Falkner 39, Walnut 37
(B) Kossuth 80, Biggersville 79, OT

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