Scores from Tuesday, April 7

South Panola 12, Tupelo 5
Itawamba AHS 10, Shannon 0
Oxford 10, West Point 0
West Union 22-15, Ashland 0-0
Hatley 8, Walnut 1
Belmont 5, Booneville 1
Pine Grove 17, Wheeler 1
Houston 3, Kosciousko 0
Falkner 15, Biggersville 5
Kossuth 6, Mooreville 5
Myrtle 19-17, Blue Mountain 1-0
East Webster 15, Calhoun City 5

Jumpertown 13, Pine Grove 4
Smithville 14, Houlka 3
Tupelo 5, New Hope 1
Wheeler 3, Biggersville 1
Hatley 6, East Union 2
New Albany 16, Byhalia 3
North Pontotoc 7, South Pontotoc 5
Pontotoc 15, Shannon 3

at Natchez Trace GC
Saltillo 180, New Albany 180, Pontotoc 190
Saltillo: Grantham Hill 44, Brooks Wing 45, Austin Cherry 47, Ty Raistrick 50, Jack Simmons 60
New Albany: Zack McDonald 40, Boone Falkner 43, Austin Heard 47, Dean Garrett 50, Brandon Stanford 51
Pontotoc: Denver Russell (medalist) 36, Guy Logan Grubbs 45, AJ Martin 46, Will Tucker 63, Jim Alana Culvert 71

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Oxford has a good problem


The Oxford Chargers, ranked No. 36 nationally today by MaxPreps , are 19-0. That’s thanks to a lot of factors, pitching undeniably one of them.

Junior Jason Barber, an Ole Miss commit, is 5-0 with a 0.00 ERA in 28 innings. He has a perfect game and a no-hitter (story on him later this week in the Daily Journal). Junior Hunter Roth is 3-0 with a 1.30.

The problem: they’ve been so dominant, other guys who are dominant as well, haven’t gotten the chance to be.

“Jason and Houston have thrown so good, my relief guys that have thrown well early on, the last two or three weeks, they haven’t had the opportunity to throw,” Oxford coach Chris Baughman said.

“Reid Markel has thrown great. Carson Stinnett throws seven inning in Oklahoma, one-run baseball, then beats a great Houston team. Grae Kessinger has come in and shut people down. Dalton Markle has continued to get better. We’ve got guys on the bench who need to thrown who haven’t been able to throw.”

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Scores from Saturday, April 4

Nettleton 9, Hatley 8
Saltillo 8, Amory 5
Pontotoc 9, North Pontotoc 0
North Pontotoc 12, Vardaman 2
Kossuth 8, Ripley 3
Belmont 8, Tishomingo Co. 1
Pine Grove 4, Falkner 2
Pine Grove 8, East Union 6
East Union 11, Walnut 1
Booneville 2, Baldwyn 0
Oxford 8, Tupelo 1

North Pontotoc 16, Ingomar 5

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SPECK: Not buying what Union County is selling


So New Albany and Union County are parting their sporting ways. If you missed it, here is a link to the story in the New Albany Gazette.

To sum it up, New Albany and the four county schools – East Union, Ingomar, Myrtle and West Union – will not play one another in the 2015-16 calendar.

In anything. At all. 

Now as you can read for yourself, I see the reasons being given and frankly, I ain’t buying what y’all are selling. And I can’t imagine, no matter how it’s being spun, that all the coaches agree with the decision.

Don’t for one second get it twisted and think Ingomar or Myrtle is scared to play New Albany in basketball or vice versa or New Albany is scared to play East Union in baseball or vice versa.

Two county schools proposed this in January and if it was coaches, I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong, but I can’t fathom it. The rumored reason is because New Albany’s fans are too rowdy. That’s apparently not okay in sports. I too would much rather fans sit quietly and watch the games. Heaven forbid they cheer their friends on, much less maybe sling a boo or two at the other team.

New Albany’s students putting newspapers over their faces during opposing basketball intros remains a fave of mine. And if you’ve never seen Myrtle fans during a playoff baseball game, you should. They’re beautifully into it.

New Albany will no longer be in the county tournaments. Then it should be called, “Some of Union County” Tournament. Tupelo is still not back in Lee County’s tourney, either. That was adults, too. And it’s still robbing us all of games that could be fun, like Tupelo vs. Saltillo last hoops season.

I’ve seen numerous Monroe County Tournaments and if anyone thinks playing at New Albany is intimidating, try being Hatley or Hamilton playing a Friday game at Aberdeen. No one is seceding from that union.

I can guarantee this. The rowdiness of a crowd isn’t offending the players or the coaches. This has all the marking of “adults” getting their socks in a wad. And it certainly wouldn’t be the first time adult politics have taken over in that county.

New Albany principal Lance Evans said it is a way for schools to schedule other teams they may have been wanting to. So cancel an early-season cupcake game and do that. There are good rivalries being ruined here, which Evans said they don’t want to ruin. Well, this is ruining it. And I’d bet Evans and other admins involved have way better quotes off-record.

Sounds and smells like non-affiliated adults with noses in places they don’t need to be.

The drive-by meat guy has a better chance of selling me his $200 meat tray than y’all do of selling me this. It’s a travesty.


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Scores from Thursday, April 2

Amory 9, Shannon 2
Itawamba AHS 10, Tishomingo Co. 5
Baldwyn 9, Mantachie 0
Houston 16, Caledonia 0
Myrtle 7, West Union 5
New Site 7, East Union 4
Tupelo 5, Hernando 4
Lafayette 1, New Albany 0
Smithville 6, TCPS 4

Pine Grove 4, Biggersville 3
Jumpertown 12, Tremont 2
Tishomingo County 4, Pontotoc 3
Saltillo 13, Oxford 0
Smithville 11, Hamilton 2

Tupelo 7, South Panola 0
Boys singles: Will Brawner (T) d. Ryan Darby 6-0, 6-1.
Boys doubles: Mitch Ostrander/Andrew Hildenbrand (T) d. Austin Cowsert/Trey Tedford 6-0, 6-0; Hogan Harrington/Eric Huey (T) d. DC Sheley/Victor Mungorri 6-0, 6-0.
Girls singles: Anna Calhoun (T) def. Misty Jenkins 6-0, 6-0.
Girls doubles: Megan Ware/Mollie Bradford (T) d. Emily Stanford/Kaylan Meyers 6-2, 6-1; Briley Kate Chrisman/ Aryelle Waters (T) d. Whitney Thompson/Jordan Lantrip 6-0, 6-0.
Mixed doubles: Sarah L. Hollingsworth/Zak Keith (T) d. Grayson Pickett/Garner Barbie 6-0, 6-1.

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Carter talks defense behind no-hiiter


Talked with Houston pitcher Reid Carter, a Northeast CC signee, after Tuesday’s five-inning no-hitter against Caledonia.

Here is the link to the story. There were a trio of web gems that kept the no-no going and Carter had the quote of the night talking about that defense.

Zack Poteete laid out for a diving grab in right. SS Denver McQuary later ranged in the hole and robbed Will Suddith in the fourth. Clay Hillhouse at third fielded a shorthop and got Cole Gullette by half a step.

“As long as it doesn’t go over the fence, I have great confidence in these guys to catch it,” Carter said.


YouTube Preview Image
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Scores from Tuesday, March 31

Myrtle 15, Ashland 1
Houston 11, Caledonia 0
Nettleton 11, Louisville 0
Lafayette 1, New Albany 0
East Union 4, Walnut 1
Ingomar 4, West Union 2
Hernando 4, Tupelo 3
Pontotoc 9, Corinth 1
Pine Grove 7, Thrasher 1

Booneville 24, Alcorn Central 0
Saltillo 4, New Hope 2
South Pontotoc 5, Louisville 4
New Site 11, Mantachie 9

at Oaks CC
TCPS 196, Bruce 196, Ingomar 222
TCPS: Parker Brooks 39, Jackson Mills 43, Chase Cervantes 56, Sam Newell 58
Bruce: Cameron Clarke 37 Austin Winter 47, Nathan Hill          55, Rudy Fergueson  57
Ingomar: Luke Worthy 42, Zack High 59, Thomas Wall  63, Chance Weathers 63
Calhoun City: Noah Hill (medalist) 34, Coleman Suber 44

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Scores from Monday, March 30

H.S. baseball
Amory 5, Shannon 2
East Webster 5, Ingomar 4
Hatley 10, New Site 2
Hatley 9, New Site 0
Mooreville 13, North Pontotoc 3
Myrtle 5, Bruce 4
Oxford 10, Saltillo 0
Tishomingo County 3, Itawamba AHS 1
Tupelo Christian 14, Houlka 5
Walnut 5, Thrasher 0

H.S. softball
Corinth 5, Saltillo 3
South Pontotoc 11, Calhoun City 1
Itawamba AHS 2, Amory 0
Nettleton 10, North Pontotoc 4
Biggersville 6, Ripley 3
Booneville 11, MantachIe 2

H.S. golf
At Natchez Trace: Tupelo 165, Tupelo Blue 182, Corinth 210.

At Shiloh Ridge: Kossuth 179, Tish. County 227, Ingomar 231.

At The Oaks – Boys Team Scores: Oxford 162, New Albany 167, Lafayette 220. Girls Team Scores: New Albany 79, New Hope 90, Oxford 105.

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Ripley’s Chills named NJCAA All-American

ICC release

Itawamba Community College sophomore guard Jayla Chills was named second-team All-American by the National Junior College Athletic Association when the organization announced its yearly awards on Tuesday.

The sophomore guard from Ripley averaged 19.7 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 3.0 assist per game to help lead the Lady Indians (23-5) to their second NJCAA Region 23 championship and national tournament appearance in the past three seasons.

Chills is the second ICC student-athlete to earn NJCAA All-American status this season as she joins men’s soccer standout Anthony Fernandez (New Albany), who was named third-team All-American in December.

She is the first Lady Indian to be tabbed All-American since Southeastern Louisiana standout Jameika Hoskins was named to the second-team in 2011-12 season.

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Chargers No. 46 by MaxPreps


Oxford beat Saltillo 10-0 Monday, improving to 15-0 on the season behind Jason Barber’s second no-hitter of the season in the five-inning win. Tuesday morning, the Chargers were ranked No. 46 in America by MaxPreps.

The Chargers, the only Mississippi team in the top 50, go to Saltillo Thursday and host Tupelo Saturday.

Brandon fell from No. 23 out of the rankings after dropping a pair of games to Oak Grove and West Point.

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Scores from Saturday, March 28

Thrasher 10, Jumpertown 0
Ripley 12, Pontotoc 4
Amory 8, SE Lauderdale 1
Ingomar 6, South Pontotoc 5
Belmont 12, Rogers, Ala. 3
Oxford 7, Houston 2
Walnut 4, Baldwyn 3
Baldwyn 13, Booneville 7
Mooreville 4, Saltillo 3
Hatley 11, East Union 2
Hatley 11, Alcorn Central 5
Tishomingo Co. 10, Cherokee, Ala. 0
East Union 11, Tishomingo Co. 4
New Albany 12, Water Valley 5
Grenada 6, New Albany 3
Nettleton 9, Southeast Lauderdale 1
Nettleton 13, Hamilton 2

Tupelo 5, Itawamba AHS 4
Tupelo 13, Calhoun City 3
Smithville 6, Hatley 0
Hatley 5, Amory 4
Smithville 8, Hamilton 1
Hatley 7, Hamilton 3
Smithville 4, Amory 3
Hamilton 11, Amory 2

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Scores from Friday, March 27

H.S. baseball
Amory 10, Tishomingo Co. 0
Belmont 14, Alcorn Central 2
East Union 11, Baldwyn 3
Grenada 10, Tupelo 4
Hatley 11, Mantachie 1
Itawamba AHS 9, Pontotoc 2
Kossuth 10, Booneville 1
Myrtle 5, Hickory Flat 4
Oxford 3, New Hope 1
Ripley 11, Senatobia 1
Thrasher 8, Biggersville 1
West Union 13, Blue Mountain 1

H.S. softball
Biggersville 17, Tremont 2
Corinth 8, Nettleton 7
Jumpertown 7, Wheeler 4
Mooreville 5, Boonevlle 4
New Site 13, Walnut 3
South Pontotoc 18-16, Kemper County 0-0

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